Documentary, reportage photographer


Most couples who hire me to be there wedding photographer ask for natural, documentary, reportage style photography. They’re looking for observational photographs, that capture the moments in the day. While I think it’s important to make sure there are formal shots as well (for example, family group shots, posed shots of the bridge and groom) documentary wedding photography is what I specialise in. This shot is a good example of how reportage wedding photography can still be beautifully composed and lit, and yet still capture something natural. Jacky and Bradley were just arriving at their wedding reception and were walking down some steps when i caught this moment. The full gallery contains lots more natural moments from the day, but I think this is the strongest. I applied some light effects using Adobe Lightroom, which emphasised the blue tones of the late afternoon light. It’s always best to take photos in the right light in the first place, rather than having to create it in post-production, as this achieves more natural, realistic wedding photographs.

See the full gallery here.

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