Winter wedding photography | London


Most couples ideally want to get married on a warm and sunny summer weekend. But – and I’m glad of this as a professional wedding photographer who wants work all year round –  many couples deliberately opt for a winter wedding, which invariably involves taking photographs in the dark. Shooting at night is a real challenge to wedding photographers. It’s not a simple case of using a flash. While that will illuminate the couple, it tends to leave the background very underexposed, often almost totally black. That isn’t good enough for a professional wedding photographer, who wants to ensure the full frame is full of information and detail that conveys a sense of place and occasion.

This image, from Anna and Daniel’s wedding in Southwark Town Hall (Camberwell, South London) was exposed very carefully, with a long expose to ensure the background was exposed properly, and with a small amount of fill in flash to ensure that the couple stood out and were properly lit. The couple had to stand very still so that the long expose didn’t leave them blurred.

It doesn’t matter what time of year and what time of day a wedding takes place. It’s the job of a professional wedding photographer to shoot natural, observational images that capture the atmosphere of the special occasion.

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