Big Wedding Weekend, Southbank Centre, London

big-wedding-weekend-south-bank-london-affordable-budget-photographerThe colour ‘palette’ of a wedding is a really important consideration for a professional wedding photographer. Taking photos on the day is just part of the process of creating beautiful, artistic wedding photographs that capture the atmosphere of the day. Every wedding is unique so I ensure that in my post production work, I give images a look and feel that bring out the atmosphere of that particular day. So, i might use black and white for a really elegant, classic wedding, a retro 1960s filter for a retro styled wedding. Carl and Stuart’s wedding, as part of the Southbank Centre’s Big Wedding Weekend in London, was full of colour. It was a beautiful August Sunday along the Thames and the palette I chose accentuated what was already a colourful vibrant celebration.

But you do also have to be careful that you don’t over do it – you have to use a palette that works across all the images rather than just one or two.

No two weddings are the same, which is why as a professional wedding photographer I design a unique look.

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