Timing and coordination are key skills for a professional wedding photographer


The confetti shot at any wedding is one of the trickiest things to get right. It’s actually more difficult than you might think. It’s all about timing and coordination. Unless everyone is right up close and personal and unless they all throw it at exactly the same moment, the results can look distinctly underwhelming. The confetti shot should convey the laughter, the colour and merriment of a wedding and for that to really be captured, a wedding photographer actually has to precisely coordinate the moment. I get all the guests to crowd around the couple really closely but not obscure my own view directly in front of them. I bend my knees so that I’m looking up, which i think is more aesthetically pleasing than being at eye level. I then do a countdown and then shoot in burst mode to get about 20 shots in the space of about 3 seconds –  because that’s how quickly it happens.

While I am a reportage, observational wedding photographer, there are certain moments on a wedding day that a professional photographer needs to coordinate/contrive. But the important thing is to make that part feel fun and natural.

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