Contemporary, timeless but nostalgic, dated wedding photography!


The thing that I love about photographs is that they get old. it’s not just the bad hair cuts and the flared trousers that indicate that create a sense of nostalgia when we look at old family photos, it’s the peeling photographic paper and the faded emulsions. In the digital age of course photos will never age (even if the technology itself will probably look quaint in 10-20 years time once we’re shooting 3D holograms on a tiny device embedded in our retinas).

As a professional wedding photographer, there’s a tricky balance to achieve in taking photographs that won’t look horribly dated in a few years, but which also consciously use time and place to create a sense of nostalgia.

At Fiona and James’ wedding, I deliberately took the couple to the Screen of Green on Upper Street in Islington in London, so that we could get a shot under the ‘Gone Girl’ sign. As well as it working as (maybe a slightly tenuous?) metaphor for a woman getting married, the sign situates it in the here and now. I mean, wouldn’t it be great to see a photo of your parents getting married under a sign that reads ‘Star Wars’ or ‘The Godfather’?

if you’re getting married and are thinking about what kind of photographs you want, do consider the value of getting a wedding photographer that will create great, contemporary, stylish photographs, but which will date in a way that creates great nostalgia rather than make you cringe with embarrassment!

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