Bridal preparations



Many brides are unsure whether or not they want a wedding photographer to arrive while she’s still getting ready. Many are concerned that they’re going to be too stressed, their hotel room is going to be too messy or they simply don’t want to be photographed without their make up on.

None of these need be an issue. The stress and the mess is part of the story of the day, and a good wedding photographer doesn’t add to it but actually can help in reassuring you (“hey, I’ve seen much messier rooms than this”, “you think you’re stressed, but I could tell you some stories…”).

And as for make up and hair, I normally arrive after your make up and hair is actually done. This photo of Alison was taken about 5 minutes after I arrived. There was still plenty to photograph so it’s worth thinking about booking a wedding photographer to start the the story of your day while you’re still getting ready.


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